As an aid to navigation, here is a list of my blog entries so far, in the order in which they were written. Each entry title is a link to the actual entry. It serves as a table of contents.

  1. An introduction of sorts
  2. The levels of ‘why?’
  3. When coffee doesn’t really mean coffee
  4. Being meta: the need for analysis
  5. ‘I don’t want to play in the playground!’
  6. ‘Suns don’t talk’: the urge to correct
  7. Forgetting to eat and remembering facts
  8. The logistics of going to hell
  9. The role and function of special interests
  10. Flexibility and ‘common sense’
  11. ‘Do I look fat in this?’ Truth, lies and codes
  12. Sensory differences – both good & bad
  13. Messy things out there: the need for closure
  14. Auditory processing issues (part 1)
  15. Overloaded: what it feels like
  16. Auditory processing issues (part 2)
  17. Left, right, you and I: pronouns and perspectives
  18. When I is not really me
  19. ‘I just assumed she was lazy’
  20. Perseveration and difficulties with change
  21. A night out on the town
  22. ‘Fingers crossed’: on being both clever and stupid
  23. Echolalia and hyperlexia as stages of language development
  24. On being approached by an autism fundraiser
  25. What it’s like to receive an Asperger diagnosis as an adult
  26. How lack of expression can lead to assumptions of ignorance
  27. Asperger Syndrome and fatigue
  28. Strategies for dealing with sensory overload
  29. Rounders – the perspective of a 7-year-old with Asperger Syndrome
  30. The day the world turned green: thoughts on theory of mind
  31. Thank you – and invitation for questions
  32. The happy aspects of Aspergers
  33. Sensitivities and food intolerances


  1. Hello, you give the most fantastic descriptions of what it is like to be me – ie to have. aspergers.
    Your description of what happened when you told your teacher you were “bored” and her mean reactions to you is the way people react to me constantly and I spent so much time anaylyzing behaviour and wading through my own pain to try and figure out why.
    I have read zillions of blogs from aspies and yours is the first one to ever describe the length we have to go to figure out behaviour. Thank you. I am consuming our posts like chocolate. that teacher should have been fired for treating a little girl that way.
    Bless you.

  2. to the blogger,
    i am 15.85 years old. i do feel all difficulties that u mentioned above . a year ago i diagnosed myself with aspergers . but my family is totally refusing to accept that i have autism . they say that i don’t look like one or behave completely abnormal . they think that a child who could be the topper of the class can’t be in any case autistic . but they themselves point out that i am a duffer in things regarding emotions . my classmates tell me that i am different. but most of them won’t accept that i can have autism
    my parents taunt me that the cure for my ‘autism’ is more hardwork and more sound beatings. i have also been thrashed, whipped and humilated for the humor by my parents .

    i desperately need to get at a diagnostic centre.
    but cant find one.

    i need some help………

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